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How to Order

Step 1:

Measure the cast, bandage or injured area of the limb you wish to cover as per the photos below to enable the appropriate sized cover to be selected.

Measure Length1.jpg

Measure Circum.jpg

Measure the length of the required cover.
The length is measured from the top of the cast/bandage or area required to be kept dry to the end of the fingertips or the heel of the foot.
Measure the circumference of the required cover.
The circumference is measured by measuring the thickest part of the cast/bandage or area required to be kept dry.

Step 2:

Determine the most appropriate size from the list below based on your measurements. To view pictures of the covers clickhere.

The Adult and Child sizings are important in determining the size of the opening that stretches over the cast or wound and then seals to the skin. Accordingly please choose the appropriate Adult or Child product size for the patient (ie. If they are an Adult, an adult size should be purchased etc).

NOTE - the measurements shown are the size of the cast or bandage that the Dricast cover will protect (i.e. the covers are slightly bigger than these measurements). Please choose accordingly.

Child Arm - CA1 300mm 320mm $33.00 + $10.00 P&P
Child Arm - CA2 450mm 350mm $35.00 + $10.00 P&P
Child Arm - CA3 550mm 340mm $37.00 + $10.00 P&P
Adult Arm - AA1 460mm 360mm $35.00 + $10.00 P&P
Adult Arm - AA2 550mm 420mm $37.00 + $10.00 P&P
Adult Arm - AA3 700mm 420mm $39.00 + $10.00 P&P
Child Leg - CL1 380mm 360mm $35.00 + $10.00 P&P
Child Leg - CL2 440mm 420mm $37.00 + $10.00 P&P
Child Leg - CL3 600mm 420mm $39.00 + $10.00 P&P
Adult Leg - AL1 530mm 520mm $41.00 + $10.00 P&P
Adult Leg - AL2 750mm 600mm $44.00 + $10.00 P&P
Adult Leg - AL3 850mm 680mm $46.00 + $10.00 P&P
Adult Leg - AL4 950mm 680mm $48.00 + $10.00 P&P
Hand - H 300mm 320mm $34.00 + $10.00 P&P
Foot - F 230mm 300mm $33.00 + $10.00 P&P

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Step 3:

Order and pay for your Dricast waterproof cover via one of the following methods:

1. On-line via Credit Card – select the “Order online” tab and be redirected to our NZ website to select your product and purchase by Visa, MasterCard or Bank card.

2. Or select your Dricast cover through following steps 1 and 2 above and pay via one of our other available methods – select the “purchase – other method” tab on the left.

NOTE: Dricast Australia has stopped providing Dricast covers direct to customers within Australia. The products are shipped directly from NZ where they are manufactured.


Once payment has been received, your Dricast waterproof cover will be delivered via New Zealand Post’s International Air Express Post Service.

The costs of this (including packaging) are $10.00 NZD (you will be charged in AUD).

This timeframe for delivery of the product is approximately 3-5 days.

We can have your Dricast Cover couriered to you at your cost if you wish, please phone us on + 64 9 625-4498 to arrange.

If you call outside of operating hours, please leave a message - we guarantee to return your call!

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