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Dricast Water proof Arm and Leg Covers available in 15 sizes to allow you to continue your normal daily activities while you have a cast or bandage that cannot become wet.

Dricast Reusable Waterproof covers.

Protection for Plaster Casts, Bandages, Ulcers, Burns and other wounds while showering/bathing and swimming

No more messing around with plastic bags and rubber bands!

Dricast reusable waterproof covers are made of natural latex rubber, durable enough to be reused throughout your rehabilitation period (the thickness feel and texture of the Dricast product is similar to that of a swimming cap)

With its patented air tight seal, you can continue bathing, showering and swimming with confidence your cover will keep your cast or wound dry

You can now continue Hydrotherapy rehabilitation with a cast or other injury that is required to remain dry

(NOTE: If you have an allergy to Latex please consult your physician before use)

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Dricast Reusable Waterproof Covers allow continuation of everyday bathing/showering and swimming as it protects arm and leg areas from becoming wet during their recuperation/rehabilitation period.

Some common uses are protection for:-

  • Casts - used for healing bone fractures, ruptured tendons etc
  • Skin Ulcers
  • Burn Rehabilitation and other open wounds (note - a sterile covering is required over the wound, Dricast covers are NOT sterile)
  • After-surgery rehabilitation - e.g. Podiatry operations, varicose veins etc
  • Hydrotherapy - Water based physical therapy rehabilitation for Sports medicine
  • Keeps amputee Prosthetic Limbs dry while showering bathing and swimming




Don't stop water activities while recuperating and continue to have fun swimming in the sun over the hot summer months.

Order now by paying on line (or see "purchase - other method" page for other ordering options).

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If you require instructions for using your Dricast waterproof cover please click here for instructions. (Adobe Acrobat required - see icon below to download)


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