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Frequently Asked Questions

How and when will I receive my Dricast cover?
Once we have confirmed your payment has been received, your Dricast waterproof cover will be delivered via NZ Post's International Express Post This should ensure delivery within 3 - 5 working days. This cost is added to any order.

How long can I use the Dricast cover for?
OVERALL - Your Dricast cover is reusable almost indefinitely if used and stored correctly. Being natural latex rubber it will breakdown naturally over time if exposed to light sources. If stored away from light it should last indefinitely.

PER SESSION - Recommend approximately 20 minutes at a time. Any longer and condensation from use/sweat will build up and cause dampness and negate the use of the cover.

Will my Australian Health Provider or Insurer reimburse me for the cost of my Dricast cover?
In many instances the costs can be reimbursed, however this does vary on a case by case basis so please check with your provider. We have had customers reimbursed through Workers Compensation, Veteran Affairs and Private Health Funds. Eligibility does however depend on each individual circumstance.

• Will my Credit Card transactions be secure over the internet?
Yes totally secure.
We use a 3rd party supplier called Stratapay for financial transactions and credit card payments via the Internet. We are not permitted access to credit card numbers or other financial information that you may give to Stratapay in the process of ordering products from us. All we receive is notification that a payment is either approved or not approved. Stratapay use a secure 128 bit encrypted Payment Gateway and offers full security and traceability on all transactions.

• How water resistant is my Dricast cover?
Your Dricast Cover is totally waterproof if used correctly and the fitting instructions are followed. Because of it's patented seal, water cannot penetrate into the cover and will keep your cast, bandage or wound completely dry.

• What activities does the Dricast cover allow me to undertake?
You can bathe, shower, swim or undertake hydrotherapy to aid in rehabilitation.

• What sizes do the Dricast covers come in?
The Dricast covers come in 15 different sizes to fit almost everyone. (See the "Products and Prices" page for details).

• How durable is my Dricast cover?
If used properly and the fitting instructions are followed it is durable enough to be used in almost all indoor situations. The arm model can also be used in outdoor situations, however due to potential damage from walking on them that could cause the cover to puncture, leg models are not recommended for outdoor use (eg. On the beach or similar places).

• What if I have a problem or a question?
Phone us on
+ 64 9 625 4498 between 9am - 5 pm Mon to Fri NZST. We will be happy to offer assistance. If you call outside of office hours please leave a message and we guarantee to return your call.