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Mt Roskill Sth, 1445
Auckland NZ
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About Us

Dricast Australia was importing and selling the Dricast reusable waterproof covers from a New Zealand Manufacturer under an agency agreement.

However from late 2006, Dricast Australia has stopped shipping Dricast covers direct to customers within Australia. The products are now shipped directly from NZ where they are manufactured. The Unit cost has therefore reduced.

The New Zealand manufacturer, Spot Manufacturing Limited has been manufacturing and selling the Dricast reusable waterproof cover range for over 10 years. They devised the product range and have patent protection on the product.


The Dricast reusable waterproof cover was first devised over 14 years ago in New Zealand due to a member of the inventors family breaking their leg and experiencing the difficulty and awkwardness in showering or bathing.

After personally experiencing first hand the whole painful and often embarrassing process (as assistance is often required when using plastic bags etc when showering/bathing) the Dricast reusable waterproof cover product range was developed, a patent secured and marketing and selling commenced.

The product was further developed to allow the user to swim in it, a benefit that was not available on the market. This enables those unfortunately afflicted with a cast, bandage or wound that cannot become wet to continue to enjoy themselves in the water while recuperating or while undertaking hydrotherapy rehabilitation.

Now people are able to shower, bath and swim with far greater ease during their recuperation period.